Price Tag-1

Price Tag-1
Exodus 2:2 “And the woman conceived and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months”
Two women walked into a store. They both wanted to buy a pair of shoe and were checking the shoes on display for a particular type. Suddenly, their eyes simultaneously went to this beautiful shoe on display. They walked towards it almost at a running pace. They were not friends and have never met. The first woman got there ahead of the other, picked the shoes and was admiring it while the second woman stood back waiting for her.
She was obviously in love with the shoe. She admired it with so much passion but then she turned the shoe over to look at the price tag and quickly dropped it at about the same speed at which she picked it up. The price tag was 2500 dollars. She hissed, went to another section of the store, picked a cheaper shoe and left angry.
The second woman picked the shoes up, checked the price tag, calmly walked up to the store owner and begged her to take the shoes off the shelve for save keep and give her 2months to come back and pay for it, but meanwhile she dropped the 200dollars with her as deposit. In one and half months she came back, balanced up and went away with the shoe!
Now, let’s pick the lessons before you start thinking I’m about to advertise a designer shoe…lol.
Here is the gist: Most of us at one time or the other has acted like that first woman. We have very beautiful dreams and ideas, we have a vision of a wonderful future, we boast about it to family, friends and even enemies UNTIL we turn it over only to see the “scary price tag”! I believe you know what I’m talking about…I’m sure you’re almost laughing at yourself.
I have good news for you. You don’t have to be the angry first woman anymore; you can become the second woman, who got the prize… (to be continued)
Love you BiG!
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